FUEL Bespoke Design

I have always had a passion for classic cars since I could first drive. It's easy to fall in love with the styling of those early cars, the innovation and design less encumbered by ANCAP, aerodynamics and fuel consumption but more inspired by aesthetics which even many decades later still turn heads and put a smile on the faces of nostalgic onlookers.

Restoring many of these classics to the condition they rolled off the factory floor was rewarding but I couldn't help thinking how much better these cars would be if we could draw from all the amazing advancements in automotive technology over the past 40+ years to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of these classics.

This is the concept that inspired "Doris", based on the early Corvette C1 and designed to be what I call a sleeper, which at first glance looks completely stock in appearance, concealing the wolf that lurks underneath the sheep's clothing. 

John Ward