60 year old body - Looks OK at 20 paces

The body

I purchased the Jolene in Canada and had it inspected locally, it was described as an unmolested car but nobody told the car that! It’s got some nasty repairs from a few dings and will need quite a bit of work to bring her back to her former glory.

It’s not unusual for these cars, in fact half of them need a new front end because of collision damage and really poor repairs. So Jolene is lucky, I can repair most of the front but the inner fenders will need replacing.

Some of the mods

Most of the mods will be very subtle, I don’t want to mess with the lines of this classic because well, it’s so dam gorgeous already!

The fuel flap is history, never much liked it, I have a few nice twists on the fuel filler.

I’m also thinking about changing the door handles for a more streamlined look. Almost everything else will look stock, apart from the panel alignment, which was never that great, so all gaps will be much tighter.

John Ward

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