Why a Porsche 964 as the donor?

The Porsche 964 was first introduced in 1989 in an all-wheel-drive configuration, called the Carrera 4 (or C4 for short), the drive-train was evolved from the fabled 959 program in the mid-80's. Porsche said that around 85% of the parts in the C4 were new, with notable changes like a 3.6L engine, coil springs instead of torsion bars, ABS brakes, airbags, power steering, a retractable rear spoiler, and a new heating and air conditioning system that worked! Significant work was done on the body aerodynamics, and the 3.6L M64 engine was the first Porsche engine that was produced as a single engine for all worldwide markets, with 247 HP (net). All these things made the 964 the best choice when it came to building a classic looking 911 with the most advanced performance, handling and safety features.

Body modifications

The main body modifications consist of the wider ST steel flares, extending the fenders to house the indicator and horn grills, losing the impact bumpers and replacing with the pre impact versions and, of course, the long nose bonnet. 

I removed the deep side sills that hide the air-conditioning and oil lines and put considerable effort to relocate them so they do not spoil the cleaner styling of the ST.

To achieve that authentic look, I replaced the rear retractable spoiler engine lid with an early 70s version with aluminium grill, and finally, I replaced the front and rear indicators.

John Ward

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