Just about everything inside was well past its best so I decided that a complete make-over was needed.  I re-upholstered the seats with a high quality German vinyl and re-bolstered the padding to give the seats their original shape back. I replaced the headliner with the correct off-white vinyl and the sun visors were restored to original condition.

I had to get new door cards and covered them in matching vinyl, the rear ones was the only trim I managed to save!

I used Car Builders Acoustic sound deadening everywhere: roof, doors quarters and of course the floor. The floor I then covered in a quality black German loop carpet.

Front and rear I replaced the seat belts.

I wanted to hide the battery so decided they could go under the rear seat, where there was some dead space. I ended up using 2 smaller Odyssey AGM cells protected by megafuses and put and isolator in the engine bay and a courtesy charger in the trunk.

Complete make-over done.


The sounds

For the enthusiasts: I went a bit off-piste with the sound system. I ended up installing a Clarion Navigation system with hands-free phone, Bluetooth and even a reversing camera. It sound awesome with the rear 5x7 speakers and the custom enclosed kick panel fronts.

The dash

The whole dash I sent of to be re-skinned, a vacuum wrapping process that restores the dash to new condition. The gauges were checked out and I flocked the glove-box, which makes it look like it is covered with black suede. Neat.

The centre console was recovered (wow...) and the gear lever boot replaced.

The steering wheel was badly cracked so with some work with the Dremel and some epoxy mix I repaired, primed and painted it. Check it out, it looks like a new wheel, but honestly - it is the old one!


John Ward

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