The conversion to right-hand drive

The most involved part of the conversion is getting the dash to look like it left the factory as a right-hand drive Corvette.

Firstly, the dash is not symmetrical, also the grab bar insert is thinner at one end so just "swapping" the two sides is not really an option.

I modified the dash,  which involved cutting out the 2 coves and actually flipping the grab bar side over and fibre-glassing in on the passenger side. I also flipped the grab insert  over which means painting it and using Corvette lettering transfers, then clear-coating the insert.

All the brackets need to be modified, I moulded a heater cover, an modified the centre console and kick panels.

I extensively modified and strengthened the fire wall, and relocated the brake booster, pedals, handbrake and hood release handles.

I used a fibreglass 'glove' to slide over the modified dash to give it a nice clean looking finish. Then I covered it in leather, but it could have been vacuum vinyl covered for the original factory look.

Jim Meyer Racing fabricated a right-hand drive version of their bolt-on IFS complete with power steering and linkages connecting to a Ididit steering column. A smaller 15 inch steering wheel replaces the standard 17 inch wheel making getting in and out of the car so much easier if you are larger than a Hobbit!

John Ward

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